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Yeah, avoid polish not meant for stone.

And I think you’re overemphasizing the sealant aspect. In less than an hour, I can take a completely unsealed top and make it sealed. Don’t worry about the sealer for now.

I second and third the suggestion of using straight razors to see if you can remove the mineral deposits. That’s my favorite method for cleaning mineral deposits around a faucet. Only use new blades. Start in a little area and make short strokes, keeping the blade flat. Use your fingers or one of those cheesy straight blade holders to wield the blade. Don’t press down very hard. Just a light to moderate pressure. Maybe some shearing action as you scrape. See where that gets you. Try the steel wool. I’d go with a finer 0000 steel wool, as I’m more cautious than Jeff’s suggestion of the coarser 00 steel wool. But do some testing off to the side and really, really examine your results in that little test area before proceeding.

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