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Posts: 8,638 you have discovered, tiling over plywood is a real crapshoot and looks like you came up "snake eyes."

While it "can" be done, "should" be done is another matter. You say nothing about the thickness or number of plywood on the floor. As to it being wavy, that is a red flag. It shouldn't be.

Can you pull up tiles, try to clean them and the plywood and stick 'em back down? Not too freakin' likely.

Truth be told, the only reasonable and permanent option is to tear this crap out, probably to the studs....a minimum of a layer of 3/4" plywood...or two layers of 1/2" covered with a cement board, bedded in morter and screwed down. It's the only way I would guarantee the floor.'s money, but do you ever want to have to tear it out and do it again?

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