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Kitchen joists and subfloor

Hello to all. I have been lurking around for a little while, but this is my first post. I have gutted my kitchen in preparation for a remodel, and that includes the ripping up of the old subfloor - I am now down to the joists. I would like to put down ceramic tile on the floor, however the floor may not quite meet the standards necessary (according to the Deflecto).

Relevant information (or irrelevant, depending on your perspective):
The house is a 1956 cape cod located in Cincinnati, OH.
The unsupported joist span is 11'7". At that point, a steel beam in the basement offers support.
The dimensions on the joists are 1 1/2 x 7 1/4 (2 x 8)
I am unsure of what wood makes up the joists, but they are in good shape. I will try to find out for sure once I get home this evening.

Will I need to "beef up" the floor before laying tile? The deflecto gave the thumbs up for an 11' span, but not for a 12' span. Since I am halfway between those two numbers, I may be on the edge of what is acceptable.

Second part of this question: What about the subfloor and underlayment? I had bought 3/4" BC plywood for the subfloor, and I was going to put backboard of some type on top of that as the tile underlayment. For my bathroom, I used 1/4" Hardibacker on top of new 3/4" plywood, and it has seemed to work just fine. I have seen references to Ditra - is that preferable to Hardibacker? Perhaps because you can use 1/8" Ditra? I would like the floor to be as level with the neighboring 1" hardwood floor as possible. What is your recommendation?

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