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Do I Use Something Else Rather Then Panliner In This Case?

Hello, great site with lots of information. I saw some threads similar to my issue but could not find the answer. I'm a handy DIY'er and always do my research for months before starting any project, but I'm a bit confused as to how my shower was originally built and never came across it during my research. I will keep it as short as possible and attached pictures.

I live in South Florida, home was built in the 80's and the shower is recessed with about 4 inches down. I want to put a pan liner but it seems I might not be able to and would have to use a different method.

The issue is, I'm down to the slab okay perfect, so when I put the first slope of deck mud, then I add the pan liner and take it up about 6 inches or more, that's the problem. From the slab, there is about 6 inches of concrete upwards and that's where the wall board is flush with the concrete, so the 6 inches of concrete from slab acts as the wall board per say flush with the upper wall board.

I can run the liner up over 6 inches and hold it with wood behind the board, but then there would be no way to tile those 6in since the liner is exposed and no board over it. I have the same issue with the curb itself.

Im adamant on putting the pan liner, but based on the structure, I think I have to do it a different way. I would really appreciate any ideas. Thank You
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