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edit: Also, check out our thread with lots of photos of Shower Niches

These things (Niches) are incredible little creatures.

They have always been known to me as "recessed soap dishes" and "recessed shampoo shelves". It wasn't until I stumbled into John one day that I realized these things were also called "niches". And of course I had to ask, I couldn't wait and figure it out on my own. The niches I'm referring to here are manufactured, modular if you will.

Niches to me were always those things you saw in massive entries and hallways thay had statues in them. Usually scantily clad statues.

Anyway, as time goes on I'll try to develope some sources for niches as I learn about where they are available.

In the meantime, There is one company (WR Bonsal) that offers several niche module designs. These things must be installed when the shower or surround installation is just beginning. It is necessary to "block" between the studs (with 2X4's) to receive the niche, and this requires a little planning but it's really simple.

The Bonsal niches are designed to work with 1/2" wallboard. Not drywall. (Drywall should never be used in a wet area.)

Once the niche is installed with adhesive and/or screws, the wallboard can then be fit around the niche frame. That juncture is then sealed (waterproofed).

The niches are then tiled along with the walls and become a beautiful and integral part of the overall design.

Enough said, take a look at what WR Bonsal has to offer in the line of Niches.

[link no longer works]

I love these little guys.

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