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Running it outside without neutralizing it first can kill your grass and maybe eat out the concrete slab or mortar of the foundation. Running it down the drain without neutralizing can get costly down the road.

I live in a row of townhouses. Over the years, many of the people replaced their furnaces with higher efficiency units that are condensing...nobody put in neutralization. We may need to replace our main cast iron drain line at some significant expense as a result. I've tried to get people to recognize the problem. If I did it to mine, it wouldn't really help, as there are nine others dumping acid into the line that goes through my place (internally, we have PVC, but the main line between us is CI).

The pH meters often come with calibration powders you mix up in distilled water during the calibration procedure. 2.9 is a bit low, it usually is in the area of -4 or so for condensate...still acidic and about what acid rain is on average.
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