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Condensing gas furnace and acidity

I love my condensing gas furnace. 97% AFUE rating, very low operating cost and keeps the house warm quietly with variable speed blower and inducer running on low, but I knew its condensate was acidic. The installer directed it into an old copper drain line that terminated in my cast iron plumbing.
He should not have done that.

Last year I built a new condensate drain line to the exterior, using PVC. And I am glad I did. I recently got a digital pH meter and have been playing a bit with it. My furnace’s condensate has a whopping pH value of 2.9. If unmitigated, this will surely eat away quickly at your metal waste plumbing, especially since there is a lot of condensate produced when the furnace runs, even on the lowest output.

Just thought I would share this.

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