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Oh, there’s studs there as I put in studs and blocking wherever needed.
See pic.
Difference in blocking back vs front/rear is because I will bring Durock down over lip to floor area in front/rear
Thanks Kevin

Oh, so you prefer to extend out past a ways as to obviously not create a raised area (exactly where tile starts etc) where the tape or mesh joint gets mudded. Which in turn may throw off you tile and Schluter trim.
So, if you going over the Durock are you skimming it with Durabond ( I call it hot mud) or are you skimming with bucket mud like USG blue bucket?
I really like hot mud as it’s a lot stronger but, you tell me.
Thanks Tool Guy

On a side note this will be my first time installing Ditra.
Kinda excited to see how this works.
According to the local Schluter Rep. it was kinda my only option (uncoupling membrane) to keep the height where I wanted.
Don’t think I have ever put in so many screws in my life. 4 edge 6 field.
It’s getting there as I cut out all the old plumbing today and installed all new valve etc.

The black roofing paper btw will be cut away long before Ditra.

Tomorrow I plan in screwing in base flange area then 3mil plastic vapor barrier going up in shower alcove.

PS: Why are my pics sideways my neck is starting to hurt.
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