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White grout turned yellow after being sealed

Hi there,
We installed tile ourselves in our kitchen and laundry room. The grout is a very light whitish-almond color. I did not seal the grout immediately, so it began to look dirty. Prior to sealing it, I got down on my hands and knees with a toothbrush and scrubbed all of the grout with a bleach solution, rinsed with clear water, and allowed to dry for 48 hours. The grout looked almost new at this point. I then applied a water based grout sealant (Tile Lab Surfacegard from Home Depot). A few days later, I noticed that the grout was yellowing - significantly in some areas. The yellowing is not at all even - some areas are much darker than others. I assume it was related to the scrubbing/sealing because I skipped a few areas (under the fridge, etc), and these areas didn't yellow. Does anyone have an idea of why this happened and what I can do about it? Should I try to remove the sealer? Could it have been the sealer reacting to the bleach residue? Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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