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Liberry Index...A place to start

Hi Folks and welcome to the whirl-famous Liberry on the John Bridge Tile Forum!

This index is brand new so bear with us as it begins to take shape.

[Note: The Liberry is undergoing some changes. With moving things around there's bound to be some unintended consequences. Please let us know if you see any dead links or have any other feedback by sending me a pm so they can get fixed. Thanks.]

Caulking How-To

Cutting Holes in Tile

Deck Mud Calculator

Deck Mud How-To

Deflection Calculator (Deflecto)

Grouting How-To

Kerdi Drain Rough-in

Laticrete Shower Drain(s) Approval


Notching Joists Guide

Plywood for Floors

Toilet Rough-in

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