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Well, hard to tell but, if they did attempted to clean paint off they probably couldn't get it all out and that's what you were left with, then they thought they could acid wash it off, but that won't work.I doubt the acidwash hurt the tile much.If the saltillo hasn't been sealed it may be almost impossible to get all the paint out, but first you need to know if it's oil or water based paint, then get the appropriate paint remover.Although there are removers now that will work on both.You can follow the diresctions, and use a scrubby pad to se if you can clean one tile, as a test.I'm telling you this because you will probably have to explain it to your tile guys who obviously don't know how to take care of the problem.I don't think this is a sealer problem myself, but a water based sealer that is breaking down, or oversealed,or an effloresence problem would look very similar.
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