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I've been a Who fan since I was a little kid... They're so much more creative than anything else that's out there... Keith Moon started out as a surf drummer, so he was used more complicated drum beats than the typical thump-whap-thump-whap-thump-whap rock beat, and watching John Entwhistle's fingers on that bass guitar is just amazing. Again, so much more creative than the typical rock music basslines. I saw Entwhistle in a 300 seat IMAC theatre playing with a small local band, and every half hour when the lead guitarist would break all of his strings, Entwhistle would take over the lead parts... I've never seen fingers move so fast!

Sirius satellite radio had a Who channel for awhile, but they lost listeners because they played the same songs over and over... I just don't understand why, it's not like top 20 stations that need to play what's hot to keep ratings up. Acid Queen was on at least 3 times a day, every day... ugh! Now I'm back to the Blues station again...

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