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thanks for the heads up. Last night I bought the customblend since they had no masterblend. What the hecks the difference? does it matter? Difference psi rating?

I'll keep the question there even though I just answered my own question. I went and got the data sheets for custom, master and premium plus standard thinset mortars. comes down to open/workable times and shear bond strengths.

That being said, you have:

customblend: 250psi/bisque.....195psi/porcelain...40-45 minutes open time
masterblend: 270psi/bisque.....227psi/porcelain...60-65 min open time
premiumplus: 357psi/bisque....244psi/porcelain....70-75 min open time

doesn't this come down to your floor deflection criteria therefore making these numbers somewhat useless? LIke saying backer board adds strength.


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