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Unless somethings changed recently, Ditra calls for a modified thinset for underneath and a non modified above.
I used either Mapei Ultraflex2 or Mapei kerabond mixed with keralastic to lay ditra and kerabond mixed with water for setting the tile.
If it was a small job I used a rapid setting Thinset Like Customs speedset or Laticrete's rapidset to set the tile. They dont want you to use a latex modified thinset unless it is an accelerated variety to set the tile unless you give it many weeks to set up before grouting it or walking on it etc.

You used a non modified to set the Ditra. Like you said, too late now.
I wouldnt worry about it because you cant change it.
If you have really expensive tile, then i would consider taking it up and redoing it.................Of course, you have voided your warranty and you may have problems down the road..............but then again you may not!!!
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