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Yeah, I'd use a pneumatic chisel if I were you. 'Specially if you're on a slab, which is how it looks to me from your picher. But if you ain't gonna tell, you ain't gonna tell, I guess.

On the walls, I think I'd wanna cut that grout line about the third row where you have it. Cut it real well and try to remove that row of tiles with minimum damage to the wall. Then I'd cut the mud wall all the way to the studs at about the horizontal center of what had been that row of tile. Then I'd tear out everything below the cut, leaving a couple inches of the old wire lath hanging out if possible.

When you've built the pre-slope and installed the pan liner, you can mud the walls back flush with the existing. There's a bit more to it, but let's see what you end up with after the tear-out, eh?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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