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Looks to me like all you've removed is the tile on the floor, Paul. Likely you've got about three more inches to go.

Again, you'll hit the real subfloor at some point, either wood or concrete slab.

You don't need to worry about tearing out some of the mud behind the part of the wall you're removing; its all gotta come out at that level.

Don't need to be too gentle around that curb, either. You'll need to replace all the top and inside as a minimum. Starting over on it is usually easier in my experience.

Again, look in the Liberry. Once you get a good handle on the correct method of pan construction, you'll have a better idea what you need to remove to be able to do that.

You will have wheelbarrows of material to haul out before you're ready to start any re-building.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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