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Thanks CG, sorry I always use that name for forums my name is Paul.

Hopefully from the attached picture you can see what I am tlaking about. The wall behind the small piece of tile I have removed is "a hard rock like substance" as you can see I am not sure of the technical term but I do think it is plaster as it is sharper and rougher then I thought mud was. It also has more of a greyish or concrete tone or color to it. If you look above the tile you can see where I used the dremmel to remove the grout between two rows of tile.

So getting back to the original question about the tile removal is there a trick? Do I remove all the grout from all the tiles I need to remove? Do I just accept that some of the plaster behind the tiles is going to come off?

With regards to the floor, can you tell from the picture what I was talking about? I can not tell if this is the shower pan or if I should keep removing this sandy mud.

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