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Welcome, Boink. How about a first name for us to use?

What kind of floor is the shower built on? As in, wood-framed subfloor or concrete slab? In either case, you'll need to remove everything that constitutes the shower and start over, but we can better tell you what to look for if we know how it was built.

For removing the wall tiles, you definitely want to remove all the grout from the line where you intend to stop your demo. Otherwise you'll be chasing cracked tiles until you need to replace the whole wall.........which may not be a bad eye-dee anyway.

You say the walls are tiled over plaster? Could it be a Portland cement-type "mud" wall instead? Mid 60s may well be a good mud box.

Have you read the Shower Construction section of our worl-famous Liberry? That will give you some good insight into the way the shower was probably built and for sure what you need to build as a replacement for the pan.

Might need to go up more than three rows if you have 4" tiles. You'll need to be six inches or so above the top of the curb to do an adequate job of pan replacement.

Posting pichers of what you've got is helpful. We like pichers.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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