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Partial shower tile wall removal

Hi folks, great site here especially for a newbie and fairly clueless DIY'r. My questions, after a half hour of searching, relate to a leaking standup shower pan. I have two questions one regarding the floor and one for the walls.

I have a leaking shower pan and have removed the tiles on the floor. No all I have on the floor is I guess the "mud" (bear with me as I do not know the terminology to well). I chipped away in one section about a half inch and there seems to be nothing. Could this "mud" be the pan or do I need to keep removing this mud to get to the pan?

Question #2 is regarding the tiles on the wall. I was able to break a piece of one of the wall tiles off and the tile appears to be secured to plaster (house was built in the mid 60's. My question is, is there a trick to removing wall tiles from plaster? I am afraid to get to violent with them as I started using a hammer and chisel but I do have a small compressor and air hammer. My plan was to take the first two or three rows of tile off, repair the shower pan and retile the three or so rows on the wall (as opposed to the whole shower). I do also have a dremmel tool and thought of using a small grinding wheel to cut away a row of the grout or more??

Thanks in advance for any tips, tricks or general info.
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