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(Another) Remodel with granite tile...

What a great resource! I've finally found some real answers about undermount sinks with granite tile. Thanks!!!

Granite slab is not in the budget, but I believe I'll be plenty happy based on the granite tile installations I've seen on this site. I really like the Benissimo System, but a quote from a local dealer indicated $20-30 for field tiles and upto $65 for an outside corner!!! That comes not much belew installed granite slab estimate. And I still have to install the tiles!!! Sorry, unless I can order for much less.

I've been impressed with the creative installs by the folks on this site using (professionally) polished/finished edges, undermounts etc. Which, will be my fallback.

Tonight I came across a dealer "Black Market Carpet" that offers a tile system that appears to be exactly the same as Benissimo (is it??), but for far less. It's still a good bit more than others though. Here's a link:

Any feedback on this "system" or company and it's prices would be very much appreciated!!! Other suggestions welcome
. I'm sure I'll be posting updates and requesting much advise I move throught the complete kitchen remodel. I'll post the pictures as I go. Thanks!!!
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