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Be careful, Marge.

With a continuous rim diamond blade (one with a smooth perimeter and no slots in it) running wet it really isn't easy to hurt yourownself unless you manage to wedge a small body part between the blade and the table - not impossible, but not real likely, either. If you come into contact with the spinning blade and push hard against it, you can get a burn that will certainly make you wish you hadn't done that, but you'll still be able to count all the way to ten.

With a segmented blade, however, you must be much more careful. Chances are you'll never have such a blade on your wet saw.

You can turn the saw on, get the water running and touch your finger very lightly against the edge of the blade if you want to get an idea what it will feel like when you get too close with your small cuts. Don't do that when the blade is dry, it'll burn you right quick. And don't do this test with your fingernail, it looks kinda like a piece of tile to that blade.

Others may tell you it's dumb to touch the blade for any reason. Those people might be right, but it'll make you feel better about working around that saw. Just don't get careless - if you wedge your finger under that blade, you will very, very fervently wish you hadn't done that.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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