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Wow! So many replies and so short of time. The joists are all the same maybe an eighth over 9 in tall. we sistered to every joist from one end to the other with no breaks. All are home runs. We used 3 in screws fastened top and bottom, every 10 in. The joist were originally spaced 16 on Center and we doubled every joist. Most on the same side some on the other due to the fact that there were other things in the way, i.e. Plumbing Etc.. The 3/4 plywood we left in place, we blocked with two-by-fours flat and screwed the subfloor to blocking where there were no t&g. We replaced what we took out with 3/4 inch advantech. We then installed half-inch BC plywood and used inch and 3/4 screws and fastened as mentioned above. I don't know as far as what species the southern yellow pine that we used or what was there to start with but all was in great shape with the exception of one area near the shower where maybe the top quarter inch or so was compromised buy water damage. I started to put 3 in in the deflection calculator but as I understand it a 3 inch solid Timber would be different in its ability to handle a load than two inch and a half timbers fastened together. If that is an incorrect statement then so be it I will just plug in the numbers and see what I get. Thanks to all who replied to my post! I will check back for any additional input.
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