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I had a plumber here to replace the angle stops, but he did not have the parts with him for pex to move the valves. We had limited time for the
water to be off so that will be for another day.
I have work for him in my kitchen too.

I fully removed the vanity to cut a better hole for the valves.
Since there are pipes behind it limits penetrative cuts against the wall.
The foot print of the vanity on the floor is most definitely not rectangular. The second stud from the corner is proud of the others causing the bow.
The vanity is also slightly warped at the back since it was screwed to the bowed wall until today. The original builders knocked out a center
support when they installed the sink too.

I'm wondering now if I should just fix this bow from the top of the vanity
or right above it down? I could remove the sheetrock and try to fix the studs then use kerdiboard to replace it. It's mostly going to be unseen behind the vanity. I don't even need to finish it. On closer inspection behind the wall. I don't think I can correct the bow after all. The blocking of the shower is backed right to the back of the studs. I won't be able to move it without dislodging the shower wall too.

In lieu of correcting the wall I'd probably do need to scribe the kerdi board.
I tried that but the pencil mark is not dark enough. The fleece makes the mark wide and smears.
Is there such a thing as a scribe tool that uses something like a fine point sharpie or something that will take on kerdi fleece?
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