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I have enough remants of kerdiboard from the cuts to make a filler piece from it.

My hand is not steady enough to make a sliver cut with a coping saw especially with the margin
for error being low. A major mistake would potentially ruin the whole sheet of kerdi board
and that is a $100 item I don't want to ruin.
If I'm working on a piece of essential scrap though with a jigsaw it would probably be OK.

In a pinch I think I have some foam pipe wrap. I could cut some of that into strips with a razor
and I think I might just try that if it's big enough. It's the same stuff really and this is not a
terribly critical application; just a gap filler.

I am going to use kerdi band on the wall/countertop transition. With the gap as large a it currently
is the thinset being mixed loose as it needs to be for kerdi band will merely flow down the wall
into the space. This is why I need to fill it in lieu of actually correcting the wall.

I was just doing to checking and found something else. Cabinet is not square and more than the wall.
I put the kerdiboard over it and I have 1.25" of over hang at one end (inside corner) 1" over hang
outide corner. When I set the kerdi board so it's 1.25" across the whole length I get a larger gap in back.

Tricky work this is.
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