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Straightening the cut on both edges works wonders to make a cleaner connection to the wall. For future reference I used a 10tpi jigsaw blade rated for PVC and speeded along the cut. This is a long blade too. Clean as cutting with a hot knife in butter.

At the commode end there is still about a 5/16" gap.
It's only at that end with the kerdiboard set into the corner square.
As previously noted there is a stud behind this wall that I added while building the shower. Doing the measurements that stud is directly
behind the bowed part of the wall.

So what do I do now? I surely cannot fix that stud given it's location.
Unless I want to tear open the sheetrock and plane (?) the studs down,
what do I do to fill the 5/16"? There will only two rows of 6x6 tile as a backsplash. Planing the studs would seem to be overkill for such a narrow area.

Can I cut a sliver of kerdi board and glue it to the board in that spot to make
up the gap? Kerdi band will over the wall/kerdiboard transition so in order not to have gobs of thinset merely squishing out into the vanity something has to fill this spot.
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