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Question Tools for cutting kerdi board

I've searched here on this forum and generally in google.
Why is there so little information on what tools to use for cutting kerdi board?!

Even the Kerdiboard handbook is mum on details other than saying to use a razor;
multiple passes for "thicker board" is mentioned in the video and that is all.

I used a "very sharp" razor which predictably was too short to go through 2" kerdiboard.
Making multiple passes was just tearing up the board though messing up my clean
straight initial cut (actually my steady handed neighbor).

So I tried a hand pvc saw to cut the rest of the way though, but it resulted in a cut that
is choppy and not square. Probably also from my attempts to make multiple passes
with the blade too.

There must be some better advice for making cuts straight and square on kerdi board.
Straight is actually easy it's square cuts that concern me.

I'm guessing power tools are best; a jigsaw, band saw or circular saw?
But there seems to be no information on which tool and then what blade to use.

Logically this is foam so I would expect a fine blade for plastics might work?
Using a variable speed orbital action jigsaw do I go fast or slow?
How heat sensitive is this foam? I see the video shows a circular or band saw,
but it's again not detailed to derive much information from.

I am genuinely perplexed with the lack of information anywhere.
is Kerdiboard that much of a bust that nobody uses it enough for even one YT video to
be made by a contractor? Other than Schluter nobody seems to know about Kerdiboard.

It also seems like it's a rare product. I had to go 15 miles away to get a 2x24.5x96 sheet
when the closer store was out of stock and showed "discontinued" at that store.
Is Kerdiboard dying as a product line?
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