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ive actually never seen duct tape on a pan liner and never seen any plumber put in a preslope. so that doesn't surprise me at all.

you wont have tar paper and hot mop as the liner takes its place and we don't use hot mop in this part of the country. every liner in a new house ive seen look as dirty as yours or worse. wait until the dry wallers come and stand on it and drop screws all over it.

in new homes I always rip out the liner and do a preslope with a new liner. you never know what was done to it as its installed during the rough and everyone just trashes it. ive actually had a couple plumbers step up their game after they see me pulling the liner and throwing in the trash.

I'm sure it passed inspection like that as all they look for is if it holds water. ive never seen them look for preslope or corners on the dam. if you can get the builder to replace the pan liner I would wait until a least the house is drywalled or right before the tile goes in.

sorry I don't know the code number for the pan liner but I think its plumbing code and not ibc. I'm sure someone who knows those numbers will show up and post them.
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