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Depends upon your goal, Scott, and what you've got there. I can't tell what joist spacing you've got, but it appears some of your joists are already doubled. From what little we can see in the photo, your joists appear to be of very good grade and if you're correct about the species, you've likely got a very good start there.

1. If your goal is L/720 for a natural stone installation, you'd need to sister the single joists with full 2x10 joists.

2. You really want a good quarter-inch gap around the perimeter of your subflooring. Filling the gaps with some sort of flexible sealant is fine, but I'd not use silicone. A cheap painter's caulk would be more than adequate. And if you're installing a second layer of plywood subflooring, you shouldn't need to fill any of the gaps between panels.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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