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Electrical lines in plumbing wall?

Because I can't seem to find the answer......

To satisfy Va code requirements which say I need a dedicated 20A line for GFCI receptacles in the bathroom (house was built in 1980, and one 15A GFCI circuit served the original 3 bathrooms with a single outlet in each) I had to pull a new line from the panel in the basement. I decided to pull two 12/2's, one for the GFCI's, one for the heated floor. There's already one spare 12/2 in the attic I pulled years ago, use that for the lighting.

Pulling them was approximately zero fun. Sparing the details of why, the new lines come up in a stud bay occupied by copper supply lines. The question is - is it code compliant? I spent hours trying to find the answer yesterday to no avail. See attached photo.

Many thanks....
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