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A few scratch cutter tricks,
I have several Rubi cutters, Love my Rubi's.
1 Sigma
1 Tomacanic
several little Superior cutters.
Rubi's, Have you figured out what the scale on the far side of the measurement bar is? It is 1.41" longer than an 1" for 45 degree layout, measured from the wall to the vertices of two intersecting tiles you would use the far scale for this.

Left your tape on the shower bench after you walked downstairs to make your list of cuts, no problem. Rubi's have a 12" bar on the left and a 16" bar on the right. 28". You do the math.

Having trouble seeing scales obscured by cutter rails, add or subtract a whole number from your measurement and align the subtracted number to the corresponding number on the scale.

More to come;
Neil Jackson, from Cincinnati, Ohio

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