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Dennis, I went ahead and deleted the other thread you started, since it seems to be a repeat of the above question.

If you find your questions aren't answered after a reasonable time, simply make another reply with the word "bump" to bring your thread to the top of the queue. We try to catch all questions that come in, but once in a while, we miss one. I assure you that it's not intentional.

I've simply use silicone in previous situations like yours and just smeared it on the exposed gypsum to keep water out. You can use Kerdi fix if you want, but it's very messy and very expensive. Others use Sikaflex for that application. Whatever you think is best for your situation.

Whatever you use, just smear it liberally on the exposed gypsum and the edge of the Kerdi. You shouldn't see significant moisture get to that area as long as the trim plate has a good seal on it.

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