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No, I didn't cut through the ditra. I set the tile 2 days ago and scraped out the mortar from the grout joints yesterday. Why do I want to cut through the Ditra? So it doesn't pull up with the tile I want to remove then take the surrounding tiles with it?

Edit: ok, I did a bit more searching on the forum and see the recommended method is to remove both the tile and the patch of ditra under it. I thought because the mortar is not even 3 days old, I could pull it up. Went out, got a small pry bar, gave the tile a few experimental tugs, but I'm scared I'll pull the Ditra off the floor. The edge of it is in the same spot, I don't even know that the pry bar's not under it. I don't want to remove the ditra: it's a complicated shape and there's a banded seam under the tile. I'll just cut the tile into pieces with a dremel or something, chisel it out in bits then cut a new one to the right shape.

Thanks for the tips.

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