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Kohler is concerned that if the tub rim bears any weight, it'll crack the tub. That's why it's set 1/8" above. I strongly recommend you set the tub in mortar, level the tub while the mortar is still wet, then weight it down until the mortar dries overnight.

Then set the tile backer on the tub deck with a 1/8" gap between the tub and backer, and use silicone caulk for that seam.

This part isn't addressed in the instructions, but I'll say it here. I would waterproof the tub deck all the way around, and even a couple of inches down the tub skirt, at least. I'd also go up any surrounding walls about a foot or so.

Use whatever waterproofing you want, but seal it to the tub as well. How that is sealed depends on your choice of waterproofing. Most likely the cheapest and easiest route in your case would be a gallon of Redgard from Home Depot. Follow the instructions for whichever product you decide on.

Then you can set your tile, and caulk the tile to the tub with 100% silicone.

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