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If I understood you correctly, you do not have any underlayment. Only a single layer of subfloor with a bunch of paint. You’re going to keep it. Now, I’ve got two questions that immediately come to mind. 1) what tiling substrate do you want to use? And 2) what preparation, if any, do you need?

Now bear in mind that you’ve got a 24” O.C. floor support structure. Not all tiling substrate manufacturers approve their tiling substrate over 24” O.C. joists/trusses. So your choices are limited. You could use Hardibacker. Prep for this would include clearing away any mortar that remains on the subfloor, then install the Hardibacker over a bed of mortar and fasten it down. You wouldn’t be required to sand that contaiminating layer of paint off. Or you could use Ditra XL uncoupling membrane and stick it to the plywood with mortar meeting at least ANSI 118.11. But that would require the removal of the paint so the mortar could bond to the bare, clean plywood.

Two options, anyways.

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