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Hey everyone,

I have finally gotten to the almost not quite finished stage with this 8 month long project. I have hit a few roadblocks along the way (as evidenced by this taking me 8 months) and have finally gotten 99% of the tile installed. I laid mosiac stone on the shower floor and on the upper part of the wall. These patterns have a really small black square that has caused me some problems. The wall tile black squares are about 1/2 inch side and the ones on the floor are about 1/3 inch wide. My problem is that many of them did not get thin set coverage and either did not lay on the wall/floor in the correct pattern, or just did not adhere very well. I pulled the loose ones and bad layout tiles off the wall and dabbed some more thin set and re-applied. This worked out good, probably did this to about 30 squares. On the floor I have about the same amount but they are so small it is difficult to dab thin set on them and reapply. I am thinking about getting some fast set epoxy and using that to adhere these stones. Any suggestions would be welcome.

BTW I started with a 1/4 by 1/4 notch trowel on the floor and that oozed up so bad that I went to a 3/16 notch trowel after the first row.
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