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Scott's master bath remodel

Hey everyone,

I just took the plunge to remodel my master bath. It was evident the builder of my 8 year old house took multiple shortcuts. I had some serious mold coming from the shower grout line and the tile on the curb was loose. As I ground out the grout around my curb, the "grout" turned into a slurry, clearly water had been leaking for a while. At any rate, my shower was recessed into a slab. At demo, I noted not shower liner or membrane(go figure). As I was using the demolition hammer to chisel out the mud bed, the first couple square feet I chipped out the slab unknowingly. This went to the bottom of the slab to a plastic liner which covered the ground. My question is how to I repair this liner as it is now cut in about 4 spots from the demo hammer. I am planning on a top coat liquid membrane over my new poured liner.How would I go about repairing this liner. Also, to fill in the hole in my slab, what should I use. Any help is appreciated.
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