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Thank you Mike. I may be changing the height of the pony walls, and if I end up having to rip out the framing I'll switch out the pressure treated.

I'm fairly decided on doing a custom mud pan with Kerdi drain and kerdi membrane. May end up doing kerdi on the walls as well, but still interested in maybe doing a liquid for that part.

So, I have a question about the Kerdi drain install. I've researched the threads and seen some info regarding the install on a second story bathroom with no plumbing access (just put new drywall in the kitchen ceiling a month or so ago after I lost my balance putting in the new subfloor in the bathroom and nearly came crashing down on my wife and screaming newborn, the idea of cutting an access panel for the drain makes me queasy).

I'm wondering if I can just calculate the height the drain needs to be when seated in the mud bed. Then, cut the riser at the right height. Maybe cut some bushings from PVC at the correct height. Glue the drain and riser, use screws through the drain flange and bushings, and make sure all is level. Then, mud and thinset under the drain flange and work my way from the drain to the walls with the mud to the correct slope height?

I'm trying to avoid the one-shot method of installing after the mud bed has been sloped out. Any ideas, opinions, suggestions for Kerdi drain on second floor with no plumbing access are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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