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Scott P's master bath remodel


Have been a long time visitor to the site for research, ideas, opinions. I started a master bath remodel almost a year ago and am finally getting closer to the custom shower build and tiling part.

My brother-in-law and I finished framing the shower and tub surround a couple of weeks ago. The shower is in the corner of the bathroom with two slightly taller than half walls forming the enclosure.

First question I have is regarding the framing of the half walls. I've read here and other places on the web that treated lumber has no place in shower wall construction (other than maybe a bottom plate on a concrete subfloor). I hadn't thought much about this before framing, and my brother-in-law who is in construction used treated lumber for the bottom plates on the shower wall framing and the tub surround.

Is it acceptable to have treated lumber used as the bottom plate in the shower/tub framing on a plywood subfloor (second story bathroom)?

Thanks in advance.
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