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Toilet Flange & Plumbing

Well I am trying to temp fix a problem now and I will get to the demo and tiling later

I had the smell of sewer gas in my downstairs bathroom. I removed the toilet. The toilet wasn't really secured to the concrete floor. There was a closet flange ring that held the bolts but there is what appears to be a lead liner or lead closet bend that was bent over the metal closet flange ring. The flange ring is not secured to the floor at all. I am assuming it is a lead closet bend since it bends really easy. The lip was bent up arond the bolts probably from sitting on the toilet. I banged the lead lip down with a mallet. I am planing on getting some tapcon screws to secure the closet flange to the concrete floor.

Does this sound good?. Any thoughts? If it wasn't a concrete floor I would rip it out when I re-tile but if I do not need to I'd rather not.

See attached pic.
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