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Floor underlayment and trowel size?

I have a multipart question here:

1) I am installing porcelain tile on a concrete slab, but I am installing an electric radiant heat system on top of the concrete before I set the tile. Now after doing some reading, I have found that it is suggested to have some sort of thermal insulation down before I put my heating system down..and that cork board is suggested, but none of the tile installers I have talked to think that insulation needs to go down or that installing tile on cork board would be a very good idea. Can anyone give me a definative answer on the issue of whether insulation is necessary, and if so, what would be a good choice to use?

2) I am going to make a basketweave pattern for my floor where 3 1x5 tiles get butted against eachother. So I am wondering with this many small tiles, should I just go to a 1/8" or 3/16" (I can't remember the exact size) sized wall tile trowel so that the thinset doesn't come up through the edges of the mosaic, or will I be fine with a reguar 1/4" floor tile trowel?

thx for your time
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