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The word "polish" in connection with granite

I'm confused...
I see a product called "Granite Gold Polish" intended to be used to "polish" a kitchen countertop on a regular basis (ie: weekly, bi-weekly, etc).

Normally with Automotive finishes the word "polish" is used in connection with an extremely fine abrasive - an abrasive so fine that it ends up greatly enhancing the shine or gloss of the paint. I note that sometimes the word "polish" is used in connection with a similar extremely fine abrasive used on natural stone.

However for natural stone, it seems that the word "Polish" is also used in connection with a different class of materials that are strictly shine enhancers that don't contain any of the extremely fine abrasives this correct? Apparently this "Granite Gold Polish" is an example of one of these shine enhancers (if I understand correctly). If so how does one identify and distinguish the two types of "polish" for granite and natural stone?
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