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CX and Davy,

Thanks for taking a look at this.

I just got home after being at my sister’s house all day. The photo shows what I found. The SC came by and worked on the shower today after I left.

My SO thinks I’m being making an issue where there’s not one. He’s upset because we now have to tell him to rip everything out. I brought up the issue on Wednesday when the liner was just sitting flat on the floor. The fix would have been easy. I said something again on Thursday. This morning when he said he was using Kerdi, I specifically asked if he was using a Kerdi/flange drain. He said yes.

My SO thinks I’m being paranoid bc of my health issues. He doesn’t understand why I am taking the advice of strangers on the Internet over a man who has done work for people we know - and has been working in this profession for over 20+ years.

I told him it’s because (i) this forum is HIGHLY RESPECTED - there are MANY EXPERTS who participate on a daily basis, (ii) I’ve read many posts on this forum about this very issue, as well as reading articles about how shower drainage systems work, and (iii) I’ve read the applicable building code for our city. . .

It’s not that complicated of a system - if you use a drain that has weep holes, water will go into the deck mud. That’s how it’s designed. If the PVC liner is flat, the water isn’t going anywhere. That’s physics.

I read CX’s post out loud to him. He asked me if the post was made by John Bridge. I told him no - but it was made by one of the moderators for the forum. He said, “Well, how do you know that he’s an expert? He could be some troll posing as an expert.” I looked at him, STUNNED by how he’s acting - and left the room.

He’s not typically a jerk. He’s been working almost nonstop for the last few months - he’s stressed and tired.

BUT - this is an important issue. I don’t know how to explain it any better to him than I already have.

I am not willing to gamble with my health. I’ve already lost many years of my life because of it. . .

CX - woukd you mind sharing your professional experience with me? I’m embarrassed to ask - but I can’t argue about this anymore.

Thank you.
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