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#1. If you meant for there to be photos, there aren’t any—at least none that I can see..
#2. Stay away from/off of Houzz, please. I’m sure I can guess exactly who posted nasty and/or critical comments. And trust me, even though they have the word “Pro” next to their name, they are anything but. There’s one certain member who has created multiple fake accounts, including some “pro” accounts. Weird, right? When in doubt, ALWAYS check the profile of the “professional” giving advice. Real professionals: give their REAL first AND last names; give their REAL contact information; don’t use profile pictures that are generic/unrelated to their profession/are of someone else entirely/are silly, etc. Anyway, I can tell you the specifics privately, if you’d like, but let’s get your situation resolved.
#3. This relates to #2: Unless you COMPLETELY understand these codes of which you speak, DO NOT accuse someone of noncompliance. As a lawyer, you should know this. [emoji6] There are more instances of incorrect code interpretation/applicability on Houzz than there are correct instances. By a lot.

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