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Originally Posted by bbcamp
Grout line width is controlled by 3 things: 1) The "Look" and, more importantly, 2) how accurately calibered the tiles are, and 3) how flat the floor is. If the tiles are extremely well calibered, meaning that they are exactly the same size, then you can use a narrower joint. If the floor is not very flat, then you need a wider joint to help compensate. Expansion is not the issue at all.
3/16" joints are common for that size tile.

I have tiled most of my bathroom now (half way up the walls) with NO grout line. Was this a mistake ?? I am a little worried. I did this because I did not want the maintenance of dirty grout lines in the shower. I did not know about an expansion factor.

Are my new tiles going to crack as some have mentioned ? My house is a single story house on a cement slab (if that matters any).

Please help put my worries to rest.
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