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Do you need to reseal after removing the wax? Well, grout is sometimes sealed to buy you some time to clean a spill from becoming a permanent stain. But it does nothing, whatsoever to keep it cleaner (even though lots of folks think that). And if you consider that many restaurants rough use powerful cleaners that can strip away grout sealer, it becomes more clear that grout sealing doesn’t help much.

While daily cleaning is probably a fact of life for a floor inside a restaurant. Your additional option is to keep it from being exposed to so much dirt in the first place. Since it kinna seems like they need some suggestions on managing their maintenance, you might wanna ask yourself where the dirt is coming from. Is the parking lot or adjacent areas leading up to the restaurant dirty/muddy? Can something be done to mitigate that? Are the walk off mats adequate? And are they being cleaned enough? Or is the dirt coming from the kitchen floor via the staff’s foot traffic?

Food for thought, anyways.

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