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Hi Tool Guy!

Thanks a lot for your response!

We’re not sure if the floor had a wax on it before, so we stripped and waxed it a couple times now.

Mainly because we are trying to prevent the black from the foot traffic buildup from appearing so quickly (and thought it would help with maintenance)

I’ve actually did some more digging since posting and the floor is actually a porcelain tile - Merola Tile Peak Hex, to be exact. Sold at Home Depot.

So we’ve determined these floors shouldn’t be waxed, as it’s already finished.

Now the question is, we’re going to need to strip the wax off again but will we need to reseal it?

I’m assuming the only way to keep them clean is regular scrubbing...

As for the mats, there is entrance door way mats but not in the dining area.

Thanks a million for your help!

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