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Any So Cal, Chino/Onterio, tile folk wanna do a shower reno??

So not me but my neighbor (who knows my shower story) is in need of master shower reno.

If anybody recalls my story in sig below, I was able to hook up with Brannigan (Deckert) here and it was (imho) so worth it. Great waterproofing, tile work, trust, fit, finish, etc.

Anyway, my neighbor told me he's wanting to do the same to his as it's overdue and I am just finishing a 7 month nightmare with the Depot and flooring so I told him FIND A GOOD CONTRACTOR...NO BIG BOX STORES!!

So if anybody in So Cal (Inland Empire specifically) is up for it, my neighbor's a good guy & will gladly pay for good work.

TIA ~ Randy
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