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First, welcome to the board, Don! I'm going to let others answer about your question regarding removing the HardieBacker board and general construction of the pan liner.

I actually have a question for you...what is the second Grohe Rapido SmartBox going to be used for that is so high on the wall? I also find in interesting that whoever installed the lower SmartBox kept the second mounting plate attached. The directions from Grohe leave a lot to be desired and are confusing to say the least, but that second plate is to only be used when mounting the SmartBox from behind the wall. In an open stud bay rough-in like you had, the plate should have been removed. It is NOT for depth guidance...the white lines around the circumference are for that and provide you with 1 3/16" of area in which your finished wall is to fall within. In your picture with the RedGard applied, I can still see a blue square which indicates a problem to me. I see no way they could have properly applied the sealing collar that comes with the SmartBox in the manner in which they've installed the unit. That, coupled with the fact that the second flange is still on the SmartBox with no obvious waterproofing, water may certainly find its way down the wall and end up behind that area.

Another thing...the bench looks dodgy to me. From the second picture it looks as though there is no solid surface under the pan liner which would allow water to pool there. I can see obvious dips where the liner is falling in-between the framing of the bench in the second picture. Is it even slopped to drain at the required minimum of 1/4" per linear foot?
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