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Dan - The lights may be only be used on a non gfci circuit in a wet area if they are UL listed for that purpose or if the lights are more than 8’ above the Curb of the shower or the upper edge of the tub. So you will need to read the fine print from the manufacturer. Fun fun!

Or you could run the lights off the single 20 amp gfci circuit along with the outlets and fan.

Re the floor, yeah, looking at your project reminded me of all the framing headaches with my bathrooms. It’s very nice when you finally have a strong flat floor. Just keep an eye on the cat before you seal up the floor.

Also, not sure this is a issue for your configuration but switched legs from light to switch box are required to have neutral lines under the 2014 NEC version (requires 3 conductor wire to switch). They added the requirement to ensure all the smart switches have neutral so they don’t dump current onto the safety ground which can cause nuisance tripping of AFCI breakers.

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