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Markup and profit

You might look into purchasing Michael Stone's Markup and Profit books. His books explain business very well. To understand what you charge you need to know what your costs are. We do not charge by the square foot, we charge by the job. We all start out that way because we don't know any better and follow the norm. But ask yourself, if you are charging by the foot, how is that broken down. What are your costs? How much is overhead? How is every cent allocated? If someone cannot answer some of these questions, these books are definitely a must. I have searched my entire tile life 40 plus years looking for this information and can say these books are the best i have ever found in helping me run my business. Also if you are a NTCA member we have a business section i helped author that is free with your membership. It is in the plans next year to make into an e-book His website is There is a free newsletter if you sign up for. Very useful information. Even if you charge by the square foot, you know how it is being broken down and utilized.
Hope this helps. John Cox
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